synching up

I have long been in the habit of synching my Google calendar with my personal Outlook calendar. I was very annoyed that Google discontinued that capability on August 1. I guess I shouldn’t have been annoyed, since Google announced they were ending that capability two years ago. Still, the timing could not have been worse, since my company had decided that they no longer needed my services and I had a lot of Webinars and such with the career transition firm that I needed to keep Terry apprised of. I used the feature in Outlook 2013 that allowed me to export my calendar information and email it to Terry. Of course that is not optimal, since schedules change.

I was then struck by the obvious. There must be a third-party application that syncs the two. Duh. There were several, of course.

I tried a free application that did not work well at all. I then bought gSyncIt, which at $19.95 I thought to be a reasonable expense. Perfect. It does the job. I told Terry that she can always find my current schedule on Google calendar. She is happy with that.

It all works.

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