knowing when to step aside

Terry and I try to make Saturday dinner a cut above the rest of the week. It’s the only night of the week that we have wine with dinner. Usually I cook, sometimes Terry cooks, and at times we split the responsibility.

Those split-the-responsibility nights are when we do surf and turf. I have my halibut and Terry has her steak. It works out well. I throw the baked potatoes in the oven and prepare the marinade for my halibut and then get out of the kitchen. Terry can then come in and cook my halibut and her steak.

Last Saturday, however, it was a bit trickier. Terry wanted my roasted red roasted potatoes, and those take less time than baked potato. So I prepared the potatoes, rather more work than baked, fixed my halibut marinade, and did some other kitchen maintenance tasks. I had barely completed everything when Terry appeared in the kitchen. It was time for me to step aside.

Terry and I cooperate well in the kitchen, but not with both of us in there at the same time. In our Mountain View rental years ago we had a galley style kitchen with its parallel configuration. We liked that. We could both be doing things and not bump into each other. But here in Gilroy, even after the remodel and the additional eighteen inches or so, it’s still a square configuration. This is not to say that we do not love our remodeled kitchen, because we absolutely do love it and are grateful for it and appreciate it every day.

It’s just that the square configuration means that means I need to know when I need to step aside. But I do know, and so it all works out well.

2 Comments on “knowing when to step aside”

  1. Let’s be honest ~ all of life is a square kitchen. 😉

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