Sometimes on Sunday Terry and I will have a late dinner/early supper, or lupper, at a local restaurant or high-end hamburger place (or at our favorite Philly cheesesteak place the next town up the road). So that raises the issue of what we eat in the evening when we get hungry. Sometimes we’ll pull some Trader Joe’s snack food out of the freezer. (You know, the kind that you wouldn’t want to admit to your doctor that you eat.) Other times we’ll put popcorn into the microwave. Then there are times when we plan ahead, and I fix nachos.

The way I fix nachos is fairly time-consuming. I bake my own nacho chips from corn tortillas. I then add refried beans, chili powder, cheese, and hot sauce to each individual chip. It actually takes more time than many of the dinners I fix.

Still, it does make for a nice snack on a Sunday evening.


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