a new library card

Last Thursday afternoon I drove over to our local public library. It was an unusually hot day for this summer. Our backyard thermometer topped out at 104°. It reminded me of those summer days growing up in Hemet when I would spend part of an afternoon at our local library and check out books to read under the air conditioning at home. My mission on Thursday was, in fact, to get a library card.

On Wednesday Terry had taken some books she no longer needed to the library, along with a few DVD’s from The Great Courses that I didn’t think I’d ever watch again. She decided that while she was there she would get herself a library card. That got me wondering about ebooks for checkout. Most libraries have them today, so I figured the LibraryCardGilroy library, part of the Santa Clara County library system would have them. I checked out the Web site and indeed they do. I downloaded the iPad app from OverDrive, the company that handles ebook access for many library systems, including Santa Clara County. Shortly after I got home on Thursday I had accessed my account on the library Web site and connected my account to the OverDrive app. In no time I had borrowed my first ebook.

How very cool, especially since I’m needing to curtail my Amazon Kindle habit given my current career transition status.

And that’s not all. There’s a wide variety of library resources that I can access from my home computer. Those include the full, complete Encyclopedia Britannica and the Oxford English Dictionary. And I mean the original, real, costs-a-lot-of-money OED, not the (still highly useful and fun to browse) free Oxford Dictionaries Online.

All of that for free, because that’s what libraries do and what they have always done. It’s just in a different form, since libraries have kept up with technology.

How cool is that?

2 Comments on “a new library card”

  1. […] learning my way around the e-book system of my public library. As I reported on Monday, I installed the OverDrive app on my iPad. Overdrive is the library’s provider of e-books. […]

  2. Kate says:

    Hey Mike,
    I have a San Francisco Library card so I can check out eBooks, audiobooks and videos from there. I listen to a lot of books in the car because I drive so much in the Eastern Sierra.

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