beef and chorizo burgers

Most of the television I watch these days has to do with cooking. I record my favorite Food Network shows (The Kitchen, Giada, Bobby Flay, Trisha Yearwood) and at lunch the TV is generally on Food Network or Cooking Channel, depending upon what’s on. Cooking Channel has a show about food trucks, a sort of Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives for mobile eateries. The other day the theme was Cuban food trucks and they mentioned, almost in passing, that Cuban hamburgers are half beef and half chorizo.

I thought 1) we could do that, and 2) we could use Trader Joe’s soy chorizo instead of pork.

SoyChorizoI tried it last week. I bought the soy chorizo on my usual Trader Joe’s Sunday run and visited Rocca’s for the ground round. I mixed the two together. Two ounces of each for each patty. We’ve always known that we loved the TJ’s soy chorizo, once discontinued and now reinstated, but the result surpassed my expectations and Terry loved it, giving the dish her ultimate thumbs-up: “We can do this again.”

Perhaps I spend too much time watching cooking shows, but sometimes it pays off.

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