Pioneer Woman

One of the Food Network programs that I haven’t paid a lot of attention to is The Pioneer Woman. The idea of the little woman making a hearty meal for her husband and the ranch hands did not appeal to me. As it happens, Food Network shows reruns of Pioneer Woman at noon during the first part of the week, so I’ve caught parts of episodes while having lunch.

It turns out that Ree Drummond is small but tough, and can deftly handle her share of ranch chores. She also comes up with some interesting dishes that are of as much interest to city slickers as they are to ranch dwellers. I have saved a couple of her recipes already.

And it’s not just cowboys who enjoy her cooking. She cooks for her young boys, her teenage daughters, the folks in town, and senior citizen parents. Ree offers as much variety in her recipes as any of the other cooking shows that I watch. The Pioneer Woman won’t be on the list of cooking shows I record each week, but I will pay attention to what Ree is up to.

2 Comments on “Pioneer Woman”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    My step-mother was a Texas rancher. She cooked breakfast every morning for a bunch of ranch hands and her family. She cooked dinner for the same. In between she rode the pastures to check on the cattle. Some of her recipes are the best cooking I have ever tasted and her/my cheese grits are still the best around. Unfortunately I never got the hang of her baked egg custard, the dessert she always had when I went home to visit. Glad you have discovered the ranchers can cook. The one I was related to certainly could. 🙂

    • Tahoe Mom, I love that! Thank you. I’m sure your stepmother and Ree would have had plenty to talk about. But I don’t suppose that she was as lucky as Ree with having your father and the ranch hands pulling up to the house just at the moment dinner was ready to be served. (But then Ree also has this uncanny ability to show up at the work site on the ranch with lunch just at the moment that the guys are at a good stopping point. That’s television for you.)

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