my new toy – I mean tool

I wasn’t entirely sure that I should have upgraded to iOS 8 on my iPad 2. It’s the earliest tablet device that is allowed to get the upgrade, and the performance initially was not optimal. But I did some cleanup and I’ve learned to be a little more patient at startup and let it do its thing. So I think it will be fine. (No problems at all on my iPhone 5s, by the way.)

That’s a good thing, because there is one cool feature that I think will make the upgrade worthwhile. There are three new apps that come with iOS 8 which sort of mirror Microsoft Office. One of them, Pages, is a word processor, something of a very lightweight Microsoft Word. The Pages app syncs across my iPhone, my iPad, and in the Web browser on my desktop. I’m finding this very convenient.

Admittedly there are other apps that perform the same function. I have used Evernote in this way for a while, and it works very well. But I see Evernote as more conducive to lists than to composing and writing. Indeed, I use it to maintain my notes about future blog entries. The iOS Notes app syncs in the same way, but it too is best for bullet points and line items. The Pages tool gives me a nice space for composing and writing. I like how it works. I started a blog entry on my iPhone while getting my oil changed one afternoon and finished it on my iPad in the evening. I then copied it into my blog from my desktop PC. I’ve written a couple of additional blog entries in the Pages app on my iPad while we’ve had our feet up in the evening.

Pretty cool. Pretty useful.

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