American Top 40

If you’re close to my age you likely remember Casey Kasem’s American Top 40. It ran on a huge number of radio stations on Saturday morning for several decades. It has been broadcast on Saturdays on the SiriusXM Seventies on 7 channel for several years.

I reengaged with the show some weeks ago when West Coast Live was running week after week of reruns. I like how SiriusXM manages the broadcast of the shows. They match the current week to a corresponding week on the calendar in the 1970’s. But they do not move ahead sequentially year-by-year. If one week is a broadcast from the first week of October in 1975, the next week might be the second week of October in 1971.

What is interesting is how while I remember some songs well and they are part of my personal pop culture fabric, other songs I don’t remember at all.

It is, in any case, quite the visit back to the seventies. And as you’re aware, I am, and have long been, stuck in the seventies.

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