Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur began at sundown this evening.

It is important for me to pause and reflect on this sacred day. You are aware of my connection to rabbinic Judaism. You know that while while I am part of a quintessentially Trinitarian denomination in the Episcopal Church, my own personal theology is drawn to my personal relationship with G-d without the need for an intermediary. I had the privilege of attending the Kol Nidre service in the early 1980’s in Oklahoma City, as my first wife was Jewish and we were members of the Reform synagogue there. It was a profound experience.

While at this point in my life conversion to Judaism wouldn’t work and wouldn’t make sense for a lot of reasons, I still feel that connection at a profound level and am privileged to pause and acknowledge this numinous time.

To my Jewish friends, may you have an easy fast

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