not that difficult

I am not always the most patient of husbands. When Terry is trying to make something more difficult than it needs to be, I have been known to get exasperated and say, “It’s not that difficult!”

The truth is that I do the same thing.

When we got our new refrigerator we decided that the one we had in the garage was not getting that much use and it needed to be retired. The question was how to get rid of it. I tried placing a notice on Freecycle without any success. Our local newspaper’s Web site indicated that online-only ads were free, but that’s not what I found when I went to submit the ad.

Terry said, “Why don’t you call Salvation Army?” Call Salvation Army. What a concept. I called. They showed up on the appointed day two weeks later and hauled the refrigerator away. Done.

Not that difficult.

A week ago Monday I brought in the mail. I saw an envelope from Santa Clara County Superior Court. Jury Duty. For me. Without opening the envelope I knew it was going to be for the same week that I had been scheduled for a medical procedure. I won’t name the procedure, but it’s the one adults of a certain age must undergo every ten years where the preparation is more unpleasant than the actual procedure. I opened the envelope. I was right.

I cursed. I swore. I snarled. Then I went to the Web site to request a postponement. I selected the next week. It took me five minutes. The response came back immediately, “Your request has been approved.” I received an updated notice in the mail on Friday.

Not that difficult.

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