cleaning out the second bedroom

I wrote yesterday about the Salvation Army picking up the refrigerator in the garage.

Once that was done I needed to proceed with phase two of our plan. The space freed up needed to be used for all of the file boxes full of financial and other records that had taken over our second bedroom. Terry’s sister Julie is coming up to visit Veteran’s Day weekend. It seemed like it might be a good idea if Julie could get to the bed without having to trip over and work her way around stuff, and if the bed weren’t covered with various and sundry things.

Tuesday afternoon after Salvation Army left I had completed my job search tasks for the day and so I decided to tackle the task. Not only did I schlep a bunch of boxes downstairs and into the garage, I found every tote bag from every conference and trade show I had attended over the past ten years. None of which I had used a second time and none of which I needed. I also found a few travel bags that were duplicates of what was in regular use and which we had no need for. All of which made for a nice contribution to Hope Services whose regularly scheduled pickup in our area was the next day.

Julie will have a comfortable room in which to stay and we got some serious organizing done.

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