This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

AnnPachettThis Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
Ann Patchett
Harper (November 5, 2013), 325 pages
Kindle Edition $12.99, Amazon Hardcover $19.44, Amazon Paperback $11.93
e-book borrowed from the Santa Clara County Library System

Ann Patchett is the highly regarded author of several novels. This volume is a collection of articles she has published in a variety of periodicals, along with a couple of speeches she gave on college campuses.

I was particularly engaged by a couple of her opening essays in which she discussed how she got into writing. Her early work was with Seventeen magazine. She writes that when people ask her how they can start getting published she tells them to start writing articles for Seventeen. Hmmm. I guess I’ll need to take a different approach.

Other essays discuss her parents’ failed marriage, her father’s remarriage, and life in Nashville with her mother and her mother’s relationships. She writes about her unsuccessful first marriage and her second that turned out better. The essay from which the book takes its title describes three generations of not-so-successful marriages.

If you enjoy essay collections this is one to add to your list.

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