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Some time ago I wrote about why we listen to classical music on Sunday evenings. The other six nights of the week we listen to jazz. Way back when the sources we had for jazz were limited, they all tended to broadcast Dixieland or Latin jazz on Sunday evening. Neither Terry nor I are big on either. So Sunday evening became classical.

The truth is that I don’t like Dixieland all that much, and for the most part I don’t enjoy Latin Jazz. There are exceptions. I like Arturo Sandoval and I love Eliane Elias. I hate smooth jazz. A radio station in Miami which I listened to online used to have as its tag line, “If you’re looking for smooth jazz, look elsewhere.” I loved that.

I love straight-ahead jazz. Miles Davis. Art Blakely. John Coltrane. Dave Brubeck.

KCSM does a great job of sticking with straight-ahead jazz on its evening Jazz Oasis program, as does Bob Parlocha on his jazz program distributed to public radio stations via WFMT in Chicago. KKJZ from Cal State University in Long Beach does well, as does WGBO in Newark, New Jersey.

Lots of options for straight-ahead jazz. That’s a Good Thing.

(And no slam on Dixieland and Latin. They are both wonderful art forms with a rich history. Just not my cup of tea.)

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