food TV shows their tie-in magazines

EveryDaywithRachaelRayYou are well aware that I am a foodie, and given the fact that my company told me that they didn’t love me anymore I spend more time than I even had previously watching Food Network and The Cooking Channel. I also have long had digital subscriptions to Every Day with Rachael Ray and Food Network Magazine.

Being that I was paying for the subscriptions I probably haven’t given them enough FoodNetworkMagazineattention. I had assumed they were from the same source and that Food Network Magazine encompassed all of the usual suspects on Food Network. I recently took a closer look and found that not to be true.

Every Day with Rachael Ray is published by Meredith. Rachael’s empire spans well beyond Food Network, of course, and includes her syndicated daytime TV show and her cookware. Food Network Magazine is published by Hearst. In it you will find contributions by almost all of the Food Network and Cooking Channel stars except for Rachael, who is nowhere to be found in that publication.

It’s all a business. Everything is a business.

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