Tasha still

Tasha2014Today is Halloween, as everyone in the United States knows. I don’t like Halloween, but I put up with it. Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day, as those in the Christian liturgical tradition know. It is also the day on which we brought Tasha home from the shelter in 2005, as long-time readers of this blog know. That means it is time for my annual appreciation of our child.

Tasha continues in her happy, healthy, energetic ways. She insists on her routine and she knows how to play the cute card. She has not slowed down in the least, and for that we are grateful.

Tasha is our girl and she is integral to our lives. We love and appreciate her. We are privileged to have her in our world.

2 Comments on “Tasha still”

  1. I love the annual Tasha update!

  2. […] but All Saints’ Day was Saturday, which is not a normal blog day for me. The day before I had a very important blog post to share. So here it is today: For all the […]

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