what happened to trail etiquette?

A week ago Sunday Terry and I went out to the San Martin entrance to Henry Coe park and walked the flat paved trail there. We had bug-bombed the house and thought that would be a good thing to do while that was happening. (Afterwards we had lunch at A-Jay’s Cheesesteak in San Martin, which was even better.)

Back in 1989-1990 when I lived in Los Gatos I would go to Vasona park and bike the trail. Riders going faster than me would call out “On your left!” So I could move to the right and let them pass. On our visit to Henry Coe we were passed by bikers who zipped past us on the right with no such consideration. How about a shout, “On your right!” so we can step aside and let you pass?

Where did trail etiquette go?


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