Carol Burnett

Last November PBS broadcast a special program in honor of Carol Burnett winning the Kennedy Center Mark Twain prize. We recorded the program and it had been sitting in our DVR ever since. Saturday was a cool, rainy afternoon on which we didn’t have a lot that we needed to accomplish. It seemed like a good time to watch the program.

The show was two hours, and I figured part of it would be PBS fundraising. But no. It was a full two hours devoted to honoring Carol Burnett. And what a show it was. Vicki Lawrence. Tim Conway. Tony Bennett. Julie Andrews. Lucie Arnaz. Carl Reiner. Ellen DeGeneres. And more. Lots of clips from old shows and kinetoscopes from Carol’s earliest years. It was an amazing tribute to a truly talented woman.

At the end of the program Carol accepted the award and closed the show with her signature song, “I’m so glad we had this time together…” Terry and I both had to reach for the Kleenex.

Two hours on a wet, chilly Saturday afternoon very well spent.

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