why I watch cooking shows

I watch cooking shows because I enjoy them.

But I also watch cooking shows because I learn new things. On my favorite cooking show, The Kitchen on Food Network, this year they kept reiterating, “rest your turkey.” Rachael Ray, on her syndicated daytime show, talked about resting your turkey and suggested covering it with foil and then kitchen towels on top of that. On his Food Network Thanksgiving special, Thanksgiving with Bobby Flay, Bobby told us to rest the turkey, but to just leave it sitting out open on the counter. The time suggested varied from 45 minutes to two hours.

I don’t now why I never heard the rest your turkey message before, but I hadn’t.

We rested our turkey this year. We rested it for 45 minutes, using the Rachael Ray method. It was as moist as any turkey we have had since our kitchen remodel in 2007 and the installation of our convection oven. That includes those years in which we’ve brined it. Add to that the Moroccan spice rub Terry found in Cooking Light magazine, and we had a marvelous Thanksgiving turkey. We added to that garlic mashed potatoes, gravy from the drippings, green beans with crushed macadamia nuts, and from scratch dinner rolls. It was a first class Thanksgiving dinner.

I do value my cooking shows.


One Comment on “why I watch cooking shows”

  1. farrellp says:

    Resting is key. I dry brine my turkey, rubbing in salt and seasonings three days prior to roasting. Meat itself is more flavorful and always moist

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