Advent 2014

1 Advent

It is Advent once again. Advent is always welcome after that long, green season after Pentecost, even if the Gospel reading for 1 Advent is apocalyptic in nature. The color of Pentecost depends on which denomination you belong to. The Lutherans some years ago changed the color of Advent from purple to blue in order to emphasize expectation over penance. In the Episcopal church the official color of Advent is still purple. Although as Linda my spiritual director has told me, the purple of Advent can be seen as the purple of royalty. At St. John the Divine the color is purple, we have no flowers, and we sing the Kyrie as we do in Lent, though Fr. Phil made a comment on Facebook yesterday similar to what Linda told me about purple and royalty. This year we are doing Eucharistic Prayer C for Advent, which always delights me.

I wrote a reflection at the beginning of Advent last year, which I think still holds up well, except for the reference to the year in the lectionary cycle. Last year we were beginning Year A, Matthew. This year we began Year B, Mark. The question then revolved around, as it still does this year, when Christmas can seep into Advent. I have given up taking on the role the Advent Police, and have decided that if I choose to listen to Christmas music in Advent I will so so. As Linda said to her congregation last year:

quoteI’ve noticed that there’s not much any of us can do to control Advent and Christmas. Just like babies, Advent and Christmas seem to arrive in their own time, not ours. Despite our tight-gripped control of our calendars, they are not as predictable as we would like to believe.

My intent this year us to enjoy the season. I hope you’ll do the same.

2 Comments on “Advent 2014”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I am so grateful for Advent ~ and I still watch the movies and listen to the carols starting as soon as Advent arrives. I love it all so much. I’ve already watched my favorite Christmas movies. Today I listened to carols all day while doing around and reading. I’m glad your picture shows red advent candles. Mine are red too — because I like red. 🙂 I really appreciate your attention to Advent, Mike. Thanks for sharing.

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