it’s still Advent

I wrote at the beginning of Advent that I had given up being the Advent Police, and that if I wanted to listen to Christmas music during Advent I would. What I’m discovering is that I don’t want to. I’m perfectly happy right now listening to music that is not of the Christmas genre. Christmas is on a Thursday this year, so there will be plenty of opportunity to listen to Christmas music between Advent 4 and Christmas Day. And, of course, for those of us in the liturgical tradition, Christmas lasts until Epiphany on 6 January, so there is lots of time to listen to Christmas music from Christmas Day until then.

Of course I impose my approach on no one. You need to do what works for you. As the internet abbreviation goes: ymmv – your mileage may vary. I certainly understand that given the headlines in the news along with the stresses of daily life many people choose to start listening to Christmas music earlier rather than later.

Happy Advent!

4 Comments on “it’s still Advent”

  1. I went to my massage place on Friday and was horrified to hear Christmas music in the massage room. It was nicely done–not the department store stuff–but it was so wrong in that context, and would have been, IMHO, on Christmas itself. The staff were unable to change the music, so I asked that it be turned off in my room. That worked. I commented about the inappropriate music to staff on the way out and also opined that the heading “Rain, rain, go away” on a recent schedule-a-massage e-blast was a poor choice during the first real storm of this drought winter. I think my new nickname is probably “grouch”.

  2. Curiously, with everything going on right now, I find it harder to listen to Christmas music than usual. Celebratory music isn’t really fitting with my mood these days. :/

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