it’s all about perception

I wrote last week that our fishmonger, Poppy, had left Rocca’s Market where he had been since 2012. We knew him first, as I wrote, when he had his own shop up the road in Morgan Hill. I was concerned as to whether there would be a reduction in the quality of the seafood with his departure.

As it turns out there is no change. Rocca’s was buying the fish from a distributor, but Poppy was driving up to San Francisco to get it himself. Now the distributor delivers the fish to the store. That’s it. Nothing else is different. I learned this from co-owner Dan Rocca last week when I was there on my regular visit on Friday.

See, the thing is that Poppy wanted you to think that he was driving up to The City and meeting the fishing boats as they returned to the Wharf. That was the impression he gave when he had his own shop, and he did nothing to disabuse his customers of that impression when he was at Rocca’s.

He was buying from a distributor all along.

But when you’re an entrepreneur it’s all about perception, isn’t it?

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