tweaking things at home

Most of the radio listening that I do at home is via my Internet radio. It is connected to a wireless 900 MHz transmitter, and we have compatible speakers throughout the house. I take good care of the system because it is antiquated technology and replacement components are not generally available. Even on eBay transmitters and speakers are difficult to find and hence expensive when found.

wirelessspeakerYou know that I am a big NPR listener, and my late afternoon-early evening listening is All Things Considered, or ATC as it is generally abbreviated. I like to listen to the radio when cooking dinner, but the Santa Cruz/Monterey NPR stations that I can pick up on the small clock radio on the kitchen counter end their broadcast of ATC at 5:30, and I’m generally cooking dinner between six and six thirty. I can’t use the wireless speaker on the divider between the front room and the living room because it is right behind Terry’s chair, where she is generally sitting watching television with the headphones on. And that one is hard to hear from the kitchen anyway. So what I GraceiPhoneApphave been doing is listening to The World on the Monterey NPR station. It is a good enough program, but it is not the familiar ATC.

Recently I realized that we had a speaker in the bedroom that was not being used. These speakers come in pairs for purposes of stereo listening, but the stereo capability just doesn’t work. We have long used the speakers in mono mode. So I took the unused speaker from the bedroom and put it on the kitchen counter. Now I can listen to ATC on KQED in San Francisco while fixing dinner. If the news is too depressing or frustrating I can select from the wide variety of music available on my Internet radio. The music selection on the clock radio is highly limited and not to my taste. When we sit down to dinner at 6:30 I can use the app for the Internet radio on my iPhone to switch to jazz on KCSM.

That works.

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