blogging in 2015: avoiding the rant

So we begin the first full week of the new year. And I begin another year of blogging.

One thing I’ve noticed of late is that I’m trying to avoid rants. One blog entry sat in my drafts folder for over a month until I was able to turn a rant into a more considered reflection. I had one blog entry that was most definitely a rant in my head, but as I started typing it came out as a more reasoned line of thought. I hope that is becoming a pattern.

I don’t know what this blog will look like in 2015, aside from attempting to avoid rants. I can surmise, however, that I will discuss topics much like those I have addressed for the past several years. There will be entries on liturgy, spirituality, and religion. I will no doubt write about cooking and my favorite cooking shows on television. I expect to continue with the book reviews. And Sacred Music Friday will certainly continue.

Whatever I end up writing about this year, I hope you will continue to join me. I love having you along.

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