cathedrals and calendars

We have calendars throughout the house. Typically our bedroom calendar is images from the Hubble Space Telescope and the kitchen calendar is usually nature photography, normally coastal photographs, and specifically the California Coast the past couple of years. Given my being in a state of career transition I was prepared to forego our calendar tradition this year. However, I received an unexpected although small check from my former employer, and decided that I would use the money to continue our calendar tradition.

WondersoftheWorldI was glad that I could do that because I pay special attention to the calendar I put above the desk in my loft office. For a number of years I bought calendars with photographs of cathedrals, but at one point they were no longer available each year. The years in which one was published I made sure to get it. Sadly, there have been plenty of years when none was available. One year I bought a calendar with photos of lighthouses. Very enjoyable, but not the same. In 2013 I bought a Buddhist-themed calendar. It had a lovely, serene photograph each month along with a quote that reflected the Buddhist tradition. But it really didn’t reflect who I am. Certain days had an icon, which the legend told me meant that day was inauspicious for hanging banners. Simply not my tradition. For 2014 ICathedralCities settled for a Wonders of the World calendar. Nice enough, but not what I really wanted.

When I decided that I could spend the money on our 2015 calendars, I already knew which calendar I wanted above my desk. I had seen it online and it was exactly what I had been missing: Cathedral Cities. Marvelous! I am delighted and grateful.

And, of course, I must have my Episcopal liturgical calendar.

Happy New (calendar, spiritual, writing, or whatever you choose) Year! Even if we are already a week into it.

P.S. If you’re wondering, the cover is the cathedral at Durham, and January is Truro cathedral in Cornwall.


One Comment on “cathedrals and calendars”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    My calendar was always Peanuts. Now it’s my computer and invisible unless I access it. I miss Charlie Brown.

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