library technology

I am very much aware that my county library system is truly with it when it comes to technology. You know that I’ve been checking out eBooks ever since I first got my library card. I have long known that I can log on to the library’s Web site and access a whole array of reference resources including the Oxford English Dictionary and Encyclopedia Britannica.

GilroyLibraryUntil last week, however, I had not experienced the checkout process for a physical item, when I actually went into the library and did so. Terry had described it to me, but it was a different matter to experience it myself. It’s all self-service with multiple stations. You lay down you books with the bar codes facing up on a mat that looks something like an oversize mouse pad. You scan the bar code on your library card, enter your pin, and use a touch screen to indicate whether you want a printed or email receipt. That’s it. You’re on your way.

Quite a difference from when I was a youngster checking out books from my local public library.

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