a strange experience

I received an email on Thursday 15 January in response to a resume I submitted. It asked to schedule a phone interview for Friday 23 January. I thought eight days in advance for a phone interview was strange, but of course I was agreeable. The interview was conducted by the HR person and lasted all of five minutes, perhaps seven. That was fine, though, because I received an email that very same afternoon scheduling an in-person interview for the following Thursday.

The company is housed in the Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley. It is a busy, bustling place with lots of people coming and going. In the parking lot you can see both new Mercedes and Hyundais that are a few years old. There’s businessmen in suits and programmers in T-shirts.

The interview was held in a quiet conference room, a stark contrast to the Plug and Play lobby. Present were the founder and CEO along with another company executive. If they had reached thirty years of age they had gotten there only recently. The interview was cordial, positive, friendly, and upbeat. And lasted all of twenty minutes.

A strange experience all around.

I should hear something by the end of this week.

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