one of those “duh” moments

I had one of those “duh” moments at the end of last week.

I wrote last June about the demise of our refrigerator and the purchase of a new one. The new one has been all right, but I certainly preferred the old one. One thing that has happened with the new one is that it will run out of ice sometimes. We do keep a set of ice-cube trays filed in the freezer for such an occurrence, but last week I was, for some reason, particularly annoyed when it ran out on a day on which I didn’t think we had used that much ice. I went out and bought two more trays. We probably didn’t really need them, but that is the kind of mood I was in.

It is amazing that taking such an action can trigger a crucial memory. After I had bought the trays (only $2.99 each, and I like size and shape of the cubes), I remembered the reality. When we did our kitchen remodel, the refrigerator we got didn’t have an ice dispenser in the door, so we bought a counter-top ice crusher. But that ice maker couldn’t keep up either, which is when we started keeping ice-cube trays in the freezer. We used those cubes, not the ones from the ice maker, in the ice crusher for my scotch in the evening. I liked that because with our filtered water you can see the crystalline structure of the ice, whereas the cubes from the ice maker are cloudy due to the air being injected when the ice maker fills.

The new fridge, however, does have an ice dispenser in the door, and we therefore gave the ice crusher to our Goodwill equivalent and started using ice from the ice maker for my scotch. So we’ll go back to the old system, but without the ice crusher.

But, really, the completely obvious things we forget so quickly. Duh.

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