that’s it

I wrote last November that the ownership of our local Channel 2, KTVU, had transferred from Cox Broadcasting to Fox Stations. I was not happy.

Fox2The other shoe has dropped. The newscasts on Channel 2 are now labeled “Fox 2.” Now in reality we had stopped watching the morning news on Channel 2 a few weeks back. We had a rainless January here in the Bay Area and the morning weatherman felt it necessary to beat us over the head with that fact every single morning. Yes, I know we’re in a drought. We have cut our water consumption as much as anyone and more than most.

A local independent station, KRON Channel 4, has a morning newscast, and we began watching that. There the weatherman there just gives us the forecast. Much nicer. This past weekend gave us some nice rain, so we could, conceivably, switch back to Channel 2. But no, not as long as they are calling themselves Fox 2 on their newscasts.

That’s it.

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