implementing Plan B

Terry and I have crossed our Rubicon.

planbimplementedOn Monday I called a realtor. Yesterday he came over and we signed the papers for him to represent us. Today he and his wife, the design expert, came over along with the stagers. If you’ve never dealt with stagers in a real estate content, let me tell you that it can be a scary experience. Think of the scene in Sex and the City where the plastic surgeon dispassionately marks up Samantha’s torso.

In the end it wasn’t all that bad. It just felt that way at first. They are very nice people and their whole purpose is to help us get the highest dollar value for the house by implementing a neutral look and feel, creating an environment where potential buyers can visualize themselves living here. That’s a Good Thing.

The sale of this house should allow us to buy a house in Southern California, closer to my family and to Terry’s sister, where we can 1) experience considerably lower monthly expenses, and 2) with luck, find work.

This is not optimal. It is not our first choice. But it is the most practical and prudent approach.

One Comment on “implementing Plan B”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Oh Mike, this is both sad and hopeful. I’m sorry you had to go to Plan B. I’m glad there was one and that it has been implemented rather easily. I hope the designer’s changes don’t cost too much. There was a time in my much earlier life when Rex said he had an impeccable butt: “Your credentials are impeccable, but . . . .” Bless you and Terry both ~ and may the job show up soon.

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