using old technology

Terry and I were enjoying the rain during our series of storms the weekend before last. Sunday afternoon we were watching the Mel Brooks special on HBO which Terry had recorded. I was adding recipes to the Living Cookbook database on my laptop. Then the power went out. And the cable box made a not very reassuring noise.

When the power came back on the cable box did not follow suit. Multiple phone calls to the cable company did not help in reviving it. Finally, our cable company agreed with me that the cable box/DVR as dead as the parrot in Monty Python.

On Monday I went to the cable company’s office to exchange the unit. Problem is, we have an old TV. It’s analog, not digital. So when the clerk there gave me the new box she said, “Use the same HDMI connection.” Um, our television doesn’t have an HDMI port. We connected via the old-fashioned coaxial cable. She didn’t have such a box in the office. Her attempt to get such a unit from the warehouse came up empty. She started to give me a box that a previous customer decided not to take, but when we looked at the back, we saw that there was no coax-out on that one either.

Fortunately I noticed that it did have an S-video set of ports, which I knew our TV had. Given that, she gave me a newer, smaller, box and DVR combo that had S-video.

So we’re up and running again, though we lost all those episodes of Cosmos that we had been planning to watch.

We’ll manage.

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