movie music and moving on

In the run-up to the academy awards last Sunday, our Bay Area classical station, KDFC, played a lot of movie music. Not only did they play classical music used in movies, but they played original scores from movies. I heard the themes from both ET and the original Star Trek movie. They do this every year, and every year that triggers the same memory. I remember the old KFAC in Los Angeles, the classical station I listened to in the first half of the 1970s during my college days in Claremont. I remember the outrage as they started tweaking their format. They had a movie music program for one hour each Saturday afternoon, and some of the purists thought that was too much. Imagine the furor over what KDFC is doing. But it is a different day and time.

Terry and I explore the option of moving to Southern California but KFAC is long gone. The world is a different place. I have my Internet radio so I can listen to Southern California stations in Northern California or Boston stations in Southern California.

We move on. And so it goes.

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