this blog’s direction

I have been very consistent for several years now, publishing blog posts at the same time each evening, five days a week. But life is changing. We are getting ready to sell our house, and a huge amount of work and effort has gone into that. We have been to Southern California to get the lay of the land with respect to what is available there and have found a community we like. Our realtors here will be taking over management of our house as staging happens on Monday and listing on Wednesday.

So here’s the thing: I can’t commit to that schedule, at least for a while. I plan to blog regularly, but my daily at-the-same-time-each-day cadence may or may not continue. I will keep up Sacred Music Friday as best I can, keep you current in what is happening in our lives, and hope to have some time for reflection as well.

I hope you understand, and I hope you’ll keep dropping by to see what I have to say.

As Bartles and Jaymes  used to say back in the 1980’s, thank you for your support.

2 Comments on “this blog’s direction”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Of course, I’ll keep dropping by. Actually, I didn’t always get here everyday anyway so I’ll keep coming. And you will keep writing whenever you can and knowing that we are supporting your changes and all that means for you both. Blessings on this part of your journey!

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