Home Sale Diaries: 6 March 2015

HomeforSaleIt’s starting to feel real.

  • Wednesday: The movers showed up. They moved into the garage all the furniture to which the stagers had given a thumbs down.
  • Thursday: New carpet installed downstairs. Carpet stretched upstairs. I shampooed the upstairs carpet.
  • Today: Our timing was good. The county had a hazardous waste drop-off event scheduled for today, and Terry had fortunately called early in the week and made an appointment. She took over a bunch of stuff we wouldn’t have been able to get rid of otherwise. I reduced by half the number of wires running between my desk and the computer desk, because I knew that would be an issue for the stagers when they arrive on Monday.

The realtor is coming tomorrow with the inspector (roof, termites, and something else). He sent us an email this afternoon saying he was also going to bring the seller’s disclosure packet for us to fill out. Sounds like fun.

And so it goes.

2 Comments on “Home Sale Diaries: 6 March 2015”

  1. I have not kept up with you since Christmas and I can see that I missed A LOT! Wow. Well, moving mercies and prayers for you. May your home sell quickly and things go in the right direction. I’m sorry I’ve been absent!

    • Thank you, Fran. Much appreciated. I have to admit that I have scaled *way* back on my Facebook news feed myself, but There Will Be Bread is still very much active in my RSS Newsreader app. Lots going on, lots of changes, but we’re doing what we need to do. Age discrimination in the job market is not a myth. Your good words and good wishes mean a lot.

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