thoughts on heading south

InterosmallThings are looking quite promising with respect to our selling this house. I think we can plan on being able to go down to Hemet and find a home we like in the Four Seasons community.

So what are my thoughts on our likely move from the Silicon Valley area back to Southern California where I grew up?

I’m not sure whether I should be maintaining my loyalty to the San Francisco Giants or revert to my childhood fondness for the Dodgers. But given the way the Giants have been playing so far this spring, that decision may be easy.

When we were down south recently I wrote that television news in Los Angeles on that particular day was all about the stolen Academy Awards dress and the controversy over the color of that other dress. We have a reporter live on the scene from the hotel where the dress was stolen, and we have live video of the police news conference discussing the recovery of the dress. Local morning news up here is about shootings and fires and car crashes. I can handle the Southern California approach.

I think Terry and I will easily re-adapt to Southern California.

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