what we will miss

InteroAfteropenhouseWe had a successful open house this past weekend. Our realtor is expecting multiple offers, which he is coordinating today and tomorrow. We’ll review the offers with him tomorrow evening. So our move south keeps becoming more real.

We’re looking forward to our move, but there are things that we will miss here.

We will miss Rocca’s Market. Big time. But we will find a market with a great meat department down there.

We will miss Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant and Donald “Elvis” Prieto, though our visits there have been much less frequent since my layoff.

I will miss St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. I trust and hope that the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet will be welcoming to me.

I will miss the sound of the train when the bedroom window is open in the evening. There are no railroad lines anywhere near Four Seasons.

And, of course, we will bid a tearful farewell to our beloved kitchen.

Our Internet radio will go with us, so whatever stations we are enjoying now, we will enjoy down there, as long as we have an Internet connection.

Wild and scary and different and it will all work out.

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