enjoying our flat screen television

GiadaIt didn’t take long for us to really get excited about our flat screen television. All those features that I sort of understood became obvious and clear. Both the TV and the Blu-ray player receive a WiFi signal so we can stream video from the services the device supports (Netflix, HuluPlus, etc.). I was disappointed that we can’t, as far as I can tell, add additional services (for example the basic, free Hulu. But it’s all about paying for services, and I’m sure that the services pay to be on the devices. I now understand what an HDMI port is, and I get that the TV has USB and Ethernet ports as well.

All very cool.

I was wondering whether it would be good to get a Google Chromecast device. I checked it out and discovered that it has pretty much the same services as our Blu-ray player, so no need.

I had thought originally that our installers had done a good job, but after a few days I realized that they were off base on a few points.

First they said that we only needed the TV remote for configuration. Not true. The set does not automatically flip back to the cable box when we turn off the Blu-ray. It did once when they were here, but not after that. We need the cable remote.

Second, they said that the Blu-ray was better for Internet access than the television. I am finding the television just as good for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and such, and I don’t need to switch to the Blu-ray. And it seems that the TV has more apps than the Blu-ray.

Third, they said Terry couldn’t have her wireless headphones because of the sound bar. Well, her headphones won’t work with the TV because it has no old-fashioned analog RCA audio out ports, only a digital audio port. But the cable box does have RCA audio out. I’m annoyed that it took me until Saturday to figure that out. But it’s fixed and Terry has her headphones back.

Then there’s Netflix. We have reconnected with Netflix after many years. More on that tomorrow.

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