returning to Netflix

NetflixOne of the dangers of having a smart TV is all of the services you can spend money on.

I decided to give Netflix another try after many years away. It was an easy decision since the first month is free and we can cancel at any time. I think I must have cancelled the Netflix DVD mail service in 2003, because I have a text file with my Netflix queue dated June 2003, and I remember saving the list when I cancelled. In those days streaming video was just starting out and smart TVs didn’t exist.

A whole lot has changed since then.

My first surprise was that my account still existed. I was able to log right in and I was prompted to rejoin and get a free month of streaming video. The only thing I had to change was the expiration number on my credit card. Netflix also remembered all of my preferences from 2003, which in a couple of categories is a tad embarrassing.

I’m impressed with the functionality. I started to stream a program on my new television just to try it out. When I installed the Netflix app on my iPad it was set up so I could pick up from where I left off. I love how you can add to your list or delete from it on your computer and have it show up on the TV. That’s great, since searching is such a pain from the television.

I’m sure anyone who has used the service is well aware of this, but I’ve discovered that the selection of movies and television programs available for streaming is smaller than what is available on DVD and Blu-ray, but still, it’s a pretty cool thing.

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