Sacred Music Friday: For the Beauty of the Earth

The beautiful John Rutter arrangement of For the Beauty of the Earth performed by the Saint Paul Cathedral Choir.

we finally gave in 

GiadaTerry and I finally gave in.

On Sunday while our real estate agent was working the open house we went to Best Buy and bought a flat screen television.

Since we haven’t shopped for televisions since the CRT days we had a lot to learn. We learned that all TVs are now LED, and that plasma is so yesterday. We learned that the differences are in screen size, the brightness and sharpness of the picture, and how smart the smart TV really is.

Oh, and sound. Flat screens have terrible sound. Which means buying a sound bar. At two-thirds the cost of the television. I suppose if you buy a set with a bigger screen and more features it’s a smaller percentage. But still. What’s with that?

It’s not like we really wanted to spend the money, but our TV was old, and when our cable box died after a storm and power outage, we were fortunate that the replacement cable box had an S-Video output, as there was no coax output. We have no expectation that our set-top box when we get Verizon Fios in Hemet will be compatible with our very old TV. We therefore thought it was a rather silly idea to lug that big, old cathode-ray tube unit with us. We know our new flat screen television will be happy with the HDMI connection in the equipment that the Fios service will certainly provide.

And you know what else? The left and right sides of the picture are no longer cut off. Wow! What a concept.

things are moving quickly

InteroAfteropenhouseIt’s been quite the couple of days.

Yesterday was fairly quiet with periodic updates by email on the offers from our realtor, Jeff. Towards the end of the day he let us know that he had four offers and would be here between 7:30 and 8:00 pm to go over them. At the last minute he sent us an email stating that he had another offer coming that would be to him by 6:30 and that he would be here by 8:15.

As it turns out he got here right at 8:15 and that fifth offer was bogus and a waste of time. But we spent time looking at the other four, and two in particular. Jeff called both agents, we discussed and countered. He left here at 9:30 with us believing we knew which offer we were going to accept.

I had an email from Jeff first thing this morning and we were on the phone at 8:30. There were responses from the two buyers, Terry and I talked when she got off her conference call and in the end our decision was the same. We called Jeff shortly after 9:00 am. He prepared the paperwork and emailed it to us. We reviewed the documents and signed electronically and had them back to Jeff by 10:50.

I spent the rest of the morning completing some necessary paperwork for escrow using the rather cumbersome Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign function.

I was so tired I thought lunch out might be nice. Terry suggested our local South Asian place and we started to head out until we realized that we couldn’t. Our new flat-screen TV was to be delivered in the afternoon.

But that’s a story for tomorrow.

remembering Bob Parlocha

BobParlochaJazz DJ Bob Parlocha died Sunday from a heart attack at age 75. Fans of jazz on the radio everywhere are grieving.

I first got to know Bob when I moved to the Bay Area in 1985. KJAZ was one of the first stations that I became acquainted with, and I immediately fell in love with Bob’s Dinner Jazz each evening Monday through Friday.

KJAZ went off the air in 1994 because the station’s financial situation was no longer viable. Shortly thereafter Bob became the first and only announcer on the Satellite Jazz Network out of WFMT in Chicago. The service provided pre-recorded jazz programming to public radio stations around the country. Many small public radio stations would use the service for their overnight programming. Bob did the show from a studio in his home in Alameda. He was a gourmet cook and his home had a professional-class kitchen as well. Thanks to radio stations offering streaming Internet feeds I was able to continue to listen to him. It wasn’t the same as his live, spontaneous program on KJAZ, but it was Bob Parlocha.

Bob made his email address available on air and on his Web site. I emailed him a few times and he was always most gracious in his response.

Yesterday evening Jayne Sanchez did a marvelous, heartfelt tribute to Bob during the evening Jazz Oasis program on KCSM.

Rest in peace and rise in glory, Bob. You gave us more pleasure than we could ever reasonably hope to expect.


what we will miss

InteroAfteropenhouseWe had a successful open house this past weekend. Our realtor is expecting multiple offers, which he is coordinating today and tomorrow. We’ll review the offers with him tomorrow evening. So our move south keeps becoming more real.

We’re looking forward to our move, but there are things that we will miss here.

We will miss Rocca’s Market. Big time. But we will find a market with a great meat department down there.

We will miss Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant and Donald “Elvis” Prieto, though our visits there have been much less frequent since my layoff.

I will miss St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. I trust and hope that the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Hemet will be welcoming to me.

I will miss the sound of the train when the bedroom window is open in the evening. There are no railroad lines anywhere near Four Seasons.

And, of course, we will bid a tearful farewell to our beloved kitchen.

Our Internet radio will go with us, so whatever stations we are enjoying now, we will enjoy down there, as long as we have an Internet connection.

Wild and scary and different and it will all work out.

Sacred Music Friday: Gloria

Gloria, from William Byrd’s Mass for 4 voices, The Tallis Scholars, directed by Peter Phillips


thoughts on heading south

InterosmallThings are looking quite promising with respect to our selling this house. I think we can plan on being able to go down to Hemet and find a home we like in the Four Seasons community.

So what are my thoughts on our likely move from the Silicon Valley area back to Southern California where I grew up?

I’m not sure whether I should be maintaining my loyalty to the San Francisco Giants or revert to my childhood fondness for the Dodgers. But given the way the Giants have been playing so far this spring, that decision may be easy.

When we were down south recently I wrote that television news in Los Angeles on that particular day was all about the stolen Academy Awards dress and the controversy over the color of that other dress. We have a reporter live on the scene from the hotel where the dress was stolen, and we have live video of the police news conference discussing the recovery of the dress. Local morning news up here is about shootings and fires and car crashes. I can handle the Southern California approach.

I think Terry and I will easily re-adapt to Southern California.