remembering the KJAZ announcers

The passing of Bob Parlocha made me think of the many KJAZ announcers who went to the public radio station KCSM after the demise of KJAZ and after KCSM switched to jazz. They would be on KCSM a day or two a week, not on a regular daily shift like they had at KJAZ. But I’m glad that KCSM welcomed them.

KJAZStill active, busy, and on the air each Tuesday and Thursday evening is Greg Bridges. I love hearing his mellow voice, and am happy that he fills in for other announcers on the evening Jazz Oasis at times as well.

Others are no longer on the air. George Hughes of KJAZ had the Saturday evening shift for a long time before he shuffled off this mortal coil. John Rogers, a long-time KJAZ veteran had the later shift on Saturday evenings until he decided it was time to hang up the headphones. Michael Berman, who ran the board for both of them and kept things functioning, now has Saturday nights. He’s not a KJAZ veteran, but I appreciate his crisp, pleasant, British accent.

Before George and John Saturday nights on KCSM were owned by Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins. He was not a KJAZ veteran but was a well-established jazz broadcaster on various other Bay Area stations. He was a dominating presence and I remember him scaring the heck out of a student intern one Saturday who was trying his best to queue up CDs for him.

I appreciate the legacy of all of those great KJAZ broadcasters who have moved on to that great radio studio in the sky, and I value those who are still with us.

4 Comments on “remembering the KJAZ announcers”

  1. Hi Mike…..I was a co worker with Bob Parlocha, John Rodgers, Jerry Dean, Dick Conte and others at the original KJAZ in Alameda from about 1979| 1980 for about the next 5 years. I started as a sub and eventually had my own show with local bands called On the Scene…I was host, Bob was the producer, and the late Bud Spangler was the engineer….it was a blast. Years later, when KJAZ was just a satellite operation, I helped Bob as one of his DJs…we really broke new ground and formed the basis of his next adventure, which you know well….I lost touch with him after I moved d
    from Oakland to New Mexico 11 years ago but was so sad by this news. I was not as well known as these other DJs but loved my time working and being a friend of Bobs. If you know about any public tributes for Bob this spring or summer please let me know!….Michael
    Handler. …. thanks, Mike

    • kidmc2014 says:

      I was “serving a sentence” aboard a coast guard cutter tied up at the “reefer docks” at the end of Webster in the early ’80’s.
      Had to go past the old station every time to get off the island.

  2. kidmc2014 says:

    It took me decades to really understand how people in Brooklyn felt when their Dodgers left, and Ebbets Field was torn down…Now I know.
    KJAZ 92.7 FM San Francisco – Alameda (1959-1994) was my Ebbets Field, and it’s announcers like Jerry Dean, Bob Parlocha, Tim Hodges, Stan Dunn and Jack Springer were my loveable bums, and all the songs I heard for the first time on KJAZ are the great memories.
    It’s been twenty three years now, since the station’s demise, and I haven’t gotten over it.
    But I am delighted to find this tribute, someone else remembers that we had something very special.

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