our story thus far

It has been quite the journey, and it continues.

MSJAs January ended so had my unemployment benefits. In spite of my best efforts, networking, sending out over 100 resumes, and multiple telephone interviews since my layoff in July, I was still coming up empty. I have long believed in the truth of the truism, “Insanity is continuing to do the same thing in the same way while expecting different results.”

Terry and I decided, therefore, it was time for Plan B. We engaged with a realtor who had sold a house down the street from us and prepared to list the house. We did a lot of cleanup, paid to have the yards spiffed up, and cleared out our own stuff in favor of staging furniture. We listed on a Wednesday, had an open house on the weekend and accepted an offer the following Wednesday morning. The open house was successful, but as it tuned out the offer that we accepted was from the first person to look at the house that first Wednesday morning.

With our house in escrow we headed south last week for another visit to Four Seasons in Hemet. The first house we visited was nice, but it was occupied. The second house we visited was vacant, but with a totally weird floor plan. The third house we visited was, as Terry said, our Goldilocks house: just right. More on that tomorrow.

quoteOnce you’ve lived in the shadow of Mt. San Jacinto you are bound to return.
—my late, lamented, great Aunt Miriam, quoting an old local Indian saying.

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