things I won’t miss, curmudgeon edition

I’ve written about the things that we will miss when we leave our house in Gilroy. Our buyer here removed all contingencies over the weekend, and our deposit check for our new house in the gated 55+ Four Seasons community in Hemet has cleared. I can, therefore, list the things I won’t miss here in Gilroy. (And I speak for myself, not necessarily for Terry.) So here is my list of things I won’t miss, the curmudgeon edition.

  • Kids in the street and on sidewalks riding skateboards and upsetting Tasha.sold
  • Teenagers on bicycles who zip nonstop through four-way stops and who don’t bother to look left or right.
  • Adults, children, and families who ride their bikes on the sidewalk.
  • The member of the multi-generational household who parks his gravel truck on the cross street so we can’t see oncoming traffic in order to make a left turn.
  • The guy who parks his street sweeper on the cross street (fortunately not blocking any views).
  • The boarding house two doors up the street.
  • Those annoying television ads, which appear on a local Monterey station and during the local breaks on several cable channels, for our Gilroy furniture store, owned by our neighbor two doors the other way, whose tiny, aggressive dog (of blessed memory) bit me several years ago.

Those are curmudgeon thoughts, That and $3.25 will get you a personal grande decaf cappuccino, dry. (And thank you for your indulgence, Boston Pobble.)

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