conserving water

When Governor Brown first announced cuts to water usage last year we took the mandate seriously, although many did not. The Santa Clara County Water District requested a 20% cut in usage. Most months we managed a 50% cut.

MSJWhen we put our house on the market our realtor’s wife, responsible for design and appearance, told Terry that we needed to water the lawn every other day. “What the hell!” I wanted to shout. “Don’t you know that we’re in the middle of a severe drought?”

But I held my tongue.

Our new house in the gated Four Seasons 55+ community, comes, of course, with its CC&R’s, rules, regulations, and committees. I was wondering how  we would manage water savings down there. The back yard is very low maintenance with very little in the way of water requirements. The front yard has this big, huge lawn.

I called the front desk at the community and asked about artificial turf. The woman there told me that the association permitted artificial turf and had a set of guidelines for installing it.

That is very good news.

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