leaving the stairs behind

MSJFor the past almost eighteen years we have lived in a two-story house. For the most part we have enjoyed it. I love my second floor loft office and will hate to leave it behind. My loft and the master bedroom face west, and we have seen some beautiful sunsets. In fact, being on the second floor and facing west has been a marvelous way to experience the changing of the seasons.

Still a two-story house has its disadvantages. When coming home from a trip we have luggage to carry up the stairs. I’m always leaving something on my desk that I want to take downstairs, and that means a trip back up the stairs. Moving heavy furniture or appliances up or down the stairs is a pain.

I think we’re going to enjoy having all of our rooms on a single level in our new home.

2 Comments on “leaving the stairs behind”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I’m so glad I read this post because when I saw the title on FB, I read “Leaving the stars behind” and I know that there is a lot of ambient light in SoCal, but surely you will see some occasionally. So yes, I am glad it is the stairs you are leaving behind – and as we have 3 flights to climb every time we come in the house, I understand.

    • Tahoe Mom, as we will be way far on the West end of town with a lot of open space around us, we may well see more stars down there than we do here! Now there’s a nice thought!

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