how we communicate

With all of my years in high tech before my layoff an important skill I learned was to understand how each individual best communicates. This was even more important during the last several years when I was working primarily and then exclusively remotely. Some people communicate fine by email. With others it’s best to set up a phone call.

So it is as we have engaged in the process of heading south.

signgoneJeff, our listing realtor up here, communicates very well by email. He does a great job of providing clear instructions in an email. For more urgent matters he’s great with instant messaging. And sometimes he knows that it’s best to get on the phone, as when we were making the final decision on which offer to accept.

Dorothy, our realtor in Hemet, puts up with email, but I rarely see an email from her longer than one or two lines. She is great on the phone, but first and foremost, she is an in-person kind of person.

My sister-in-law Bobbie, who has done a tremendous job of helping us out in this transition, is great on the phone. She doesn’t have an email account that she actively monitors, but a recent development is that she will text. I think that has to do with the fact that texting is probably the only effective way for her to communicate with her son and granddaughter. But it works well with me as well.

I glad that I am flexible. I can use any of those methods and am comfortable doing so. It makes life easier.

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