Sacred Music Friday: Jerusalem

Jerusalem, words by William Blake, music by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry. Performed at the Royal Wedding in 2011.

bag reuse north and south

One thing I got used to even on the far fringes of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley in Gilroy was that it was fairly common for folks to take their own bags into the grocery store. We certainly did.

It’s much less common down here, which is disappointing. We however persevere.

local radio

As in Gilroy, so here in Hemet over the air radio reception inside the house is pretty minimal. I continue to rely on my Internet radio, which I love. Given that it’s Internet, I could keep listening to my San Francisco and Monterey Bay NPR and classical stations.

But we’re here. We’re not there. And so I listen to the San Bernardino and San Diego NPR stations, and to the Los Angeles and San Diego classical stations.

That is as it should be.

our new kitchen

Our new kitchen is much smaller than our old kitchen. In fact it has even less storage space than our pre-remodeled kitchen. We’re going to have cabinets built to hold our tools, utensils, dishes and glasses that now reside in boxes in the garage. (Although the galley layout of our new kitchen means Terry and I can work in it at the same time without running into each other. That’s a plus. )

There is less work area. I find that somewhat frustrating.

But then I listen to the wisdom of an expert. The author of the popular blog Smitten Kitchen was interviewed a while back on NPR. It seems she produces her gourmet recipes in a small apartment kitchen in New York City. In the interview she made the point that the normal sous chef in a large restaurant has a very small workstation. Given that, she said that she had no problem creating recipes for her blog in her small home kitchen.

Advice I need to take to heart.

supporting local business

One of the very first things we did after moving to Hemet was to buy a washer and dryer. We went to a locally owned appliance store and found the models we wanted. Terry wanted pedestals, which had to be ordered. This was a Monday and they told us they would be in by the end of the week.

On Tuesday Terry was at my dad’s house doing laundry when the appliance shop called and said the pedestals were in and they could deliver and install that afternoon.

You’ll never get that kind of service at Lowe’s or Best Buy!

Sacred Music Friday: Hail Thee Festival Day

Hail thee Festival Day, Ralph Vaughn Williams, St. John’s, Detroit. Sunday is Pentecost!

return to routine

So here we are.

The house has a serious semblance of order. There are no boxes inside the house. All of our artwork is on the walls. The heavy lifting is done until we can get some cabinets built and move the remainder of our kitchen tools and utensils back inside.

It was February when I last took a walk with my ancient iPod and listened to a lecture from The Great Courses. I know that because that’s what my Excel spreadsheet says. That was when we began packing up for staging and set this whole process into motion. Remember staging? Now part of our past I am delighted to say.

Monday I downloaded a new course. It’s called Great American Bestsellers and covers bestsellers from colonial times to the present. I took my first walk since February.

I missed Tuesday because there were errands to be run and we had a concert to attend at my nephew’s daughter’s middle school. I returned to my walking on Wednesday.

So slowly I’m resurrecting at least one part of my routine.

I like that.

on not thinking straight

Here’s a story from last week.

When one moves one is not always thinking clearly. There is too much going on and too many things to juggle.

So when our garbage disposal stopped working we were not tracking. We have a service contract as part of the purchase of the house so I called them about the disposal. They told me that I could un-jam the disposal myself.  Well, duh! I knew.that.

I  went to Home Depot and bought two tools. One for in the sink and one for under the disposal unit. I used the former tool to un-jam the disposal.

That’s all there was to it.

We’re doing much better this week.

Tasha’s trip south

I had plenty to worry about with respect to our move, and I did my share of worrying. I think I inherited that trait from my Grandpa Monaghan, and it’s something I would do well to try to fix.

In any case, one of my biggest worries was about Tasha’s trip south. After staying in a motel in Gilroy after the movers left, the next morning we picked up Tasha at her resort. Of course we did not head home as she expected, but headed east on Highway 152 to Interstate 5, and then south on I-5. She did well. She was alert and looking around for a while, but as we got into the boring monotony of I-5 she settled down in the footwell and snoozed.

TashaHemetWhen we got to Tejon Ranch at the bottom of the Grapevine we gave her a tranquilizer that the vet had prescribed, and that meant that she slept comfortably along Interstate 210 through the greater Los Angeles area and into the Inland Empire, where we connected with I-10, before turning on to California 79 and on into Hemet.

We stopped a couple of miles from our new home because I needed to pull out the transponder to get into our gated community. Tasha thought that was her opportunity to get out of the car, but Terry persuaded her otherwise.

Shortly thereafter we were home. Tasha bounded into her new home and has been doing well ever since.

We’re pleased how smoothly the trip went.

starting to feel settled

We went into Sunday having accomplished a lot. Still we had books in boxes in our great room and boxes of dishes, glasses, and kitchen tools still in the dining area. The latter was mostly because we have way less storage space here than we had in Gilroy and don’t have a place to put everything. I had planned to go to church yesterday, but I decided to sleep in and also wanted to knock out the books and get the kitchen boxes moved into the garage. Those boxes in the kitchen area shouted “transition” and “unsettled.” I was getting tired of that and it was starting to make me crazy.

So I engaged in a marathon work day yesterday. I put the shelves together in our great room, and got all the books onto the shelves. After taking a break and having a tasty lunch at our nearby taqueria, and then stopping by to see dad on his Sunday shift at the railroad museum, I lugged all of the kitchen boxes into the garage, where they will remain until we can have some kind of shelving unit built. That pretty much puts an end to the lugging of boxes,

This morning I put most of our artwork on the walls.

The house is starting to look settled and we are starting to feel settled. I can attend church on Sunday without being preoccupied.

This is a Good Thing.