new everything

As we move south I’m thinking about all the new services we are going to have to find. MSJfromArmoursmall

  • New doctor
  • New dentist
  • New veterinarian
  • New hairstylist
  • New full-service meat counter
  • New dog boarding and daycare
  • New dog groomer
  • And a new what else??

A lot of research to do.

2 Comments on “new everything”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    New banker and new auto mechanic. Those were two things we used to look for early in a move. Maybe things have changed now but I think they are still important.

    • Banking is simply a matter of submitting a change of address and getting new checks printed. The world of local branch banking is pretty much gone. Fortunately I have family to recommend an auto mechanic.

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