a new church

I visited the Episcopal church in Hemet on Sunday. The Church of the Good Shepherd. I had no particular expectations, but I was blown away.

It was such an incredible service. They have a magnificent pipe organ that is amazing. The service music was beautiful. The choir was superb. And the musical guests on this particular Sunday were the Hemet High Brass sextet.

The sermon was engaging, inspired, and thought-provoking, with some linguistic material I believe I had known but had forgotten.

The rector takes her pastoral role seriously.

I believe I have found a new church home.

2 Comments on “a new church”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Oh Mike, I am so glad. I knew this one might be hard for you and it sounds like it was made easy. Blessings on this part of your journey!

    • Tahoe Mom,

      Thank you!

      I have to say that I was a tad frustrated with St. John’s because I thought the service was just a bit dry. The service at Good Shepherd is very rich with musical elements throughout. You know how much I love a pipe organ. And that is one serious pipe organ there! I’m going to enjoy being a part of that parish.

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