starting to feel settled

We went into Sunday having accomplished a lot. Still we had books in boxes in our great room and boxes of dishes, glasses, and kitchen tools still in the dining area. The latter was mostly because we have way less storage space here than we had in Gilroy and don’t have a place to put everything. I had planned to go to church yesterday, but I decided to sleep in and also wanted to knock out the books and get the kitchen boxes moved into the garage. Those boxes in the kitchen area shouted “transition” and “unsettled.” I was getting tired of that and it was starting to make me crazy.

So I engaged in a marathon work day yesterday. I put the shelves together in our great room, and got all the books onto the shelves. After taking a break and having a tasty lunch at our nearby taqueria, and then stopping by to see dad on his Sunday shift at the railroad museum, I lugged all of the kitchen boxes into the garage, where they will remain until we can have some kind of shelving unit built. That pretty much puts an end to the lugging of boxes,

This morning I put most of our artwork on the walls.

The house is starting to look settled and we are starting to feel settled. I can attend church on Sunday without being preoccupied.

This is a Good Thing.


2 Comments on “starting to feel settled”

  1. It’s cool to be going through such similar experiences, simultaneously. Our final moving day is Wednesday (stuff out of storage) and I cannot wait because the few boxes we have left are really starting to wear on me. I’m ready for this to be *home* not just another Woo storage unit.

    Your place looks lovely.

    • Cool indeed, Boston Pobble. And thank you! We’re quite pleased. Also, I never thanked you for the shout-out in your next-to-last blog entry from New Orleans, so thank you for that!

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