Tasha’s trip south

I had plenty to worry about with respect to our move, and I did my share of worrying. I think I inherited that trait from my Grandpa Monaghan, and it’s something I would do well to try to fix.

In any case, one of my biggest worries was about Tasha’s trip south. After staying in a motel in Gilroy after the movers left, the next morning we picked up Tasha at her resort. Of course we did not head home as she expected, but headed east on Highway 152 to Interstate 5, and then south on I-5. She did well. She was alert and looking around for a while, but as we got into the boring monotony of I-5 she settled down in the footwell and snoozed.

TashaHemetWhen we got to Tejon Ranch at the bottom of the Grapevine we gave her a tranquilizer that the vet had prescribed, and that meant that she slept comfortably along Interstate 210 through the greater Los Angeles area and into the Inland Empire, where we connected with I-10, before turning on to California 79 and on into Hemet.

We stopped a couple of miles from our new home because I needed to pull out the transponder to get into our gated community. Tasha thought that was her opportunity to get out of the car, but Terry persuaded her otherwise.

Shortly thereafter we were home. Tasha bounded into her new home and has been doing well ever since.

We’re pleased how smoothly the trip went.

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