our new kitchen

Our new kitchen is much smaller than our old kitchen. In fact it has even less storage space than our pre-remodeled kitchen. We’re going to have cabinets built to hold our tools, utensils, dishes and glasses that now reside in boxes in the garage. (Although the galley layout of our new kitchen means Terry and I can work in it at the same time without running into each other. That’s a plus. )

There is less work area. I find that somewhat frustrating.

But then I listen to the wisdom of an expert. The author of the popular blog Smitten Kitchen was interviewed a while back on NPR. It seems she produces her gourmet recipes in a small apartment kitchen in New York City. In the interview she made the point that the normal sous chef in a large restaurant has a very small workstation. Given that, she said that she had no problem creating recipes for her blog in her small home kitchen.

Advice I need to take to heart.

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